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Re-Opening of the Pettit Center

(Updated 9/15/2020)

The Pettit National Ice Center is opened one rink on June 15 and the second one on June 22 with restricted activities.  Usage is open only to contract hockey and figure skating ice users, including skaters and coaches only in those groups, at this point. 

Sorry, there is no open public skating and nor use of the run walk track until further notice. We hope to resume it again soon, but please keep checking our website for updates.  Skating School sessions this summer are cancelled and will resume in late September.  

No spectators and parents are allowed in the Center (required to remain outside the front doors).  We continue to be restricted in the number of people in the building and have placed emphasis on maximizing the safety for the skaters and coaches within a tight ice schedule and our capacity to manage and control a healthy environment in the arena.  Thank you for understanding.

Effective 7/16/2020, by ordinance of the City of Milwaukee Common Council, masks are required indoors and outdoors per the following applicable to the Pettit Center, as a building in the City of Milwaukee open to the public:

  1. Each person, 3 years or older, shall have possession of an acceptable mask covering the nose and mouth when the person leaves home or other place of residence and shall wear the mask whenever the person is in a building open to the public.
  2. Each person, 3 years or older, shall wear an acceptable mask covering the nose and mouth whenever the person is in an outdoor public space and within 6 feet of any other person who is not a member of the person’s family or household.


General rules and procedures related to opening the of Center:

  1. Physical Distancing – continue to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet between people, with recommendation of 10 feet during physical activities.
  2. Protective Measure Requirements – All persons entering the building (skaters and coaches) will be a on roster for each session, prepared by the user group and submitted to the Pettit Center in advance.  Each person on the roster for the session will have signed and submitted a Pettit health waiver to the coach.   If the individual is not on the roster, he/she is not permitted to enter.
  3. The individuals entering the building, with required mask on, have their temperatures checked (with threshold of 100.4 degrees or less) upon entry into the building. Above that level, the individual is not permitted to enter.
  4. Recreation Activities – Team & contact sports and recreation activities are prohibited. When permitted by the City of Milwaukee Health Dept in Phase 5, hopefully, we will look to add Adult Hockey League and Pick-up hockey sessions.
  5. All reservations and payments for activities must be made on-line or by phone.  Contract ice sessions are invoiced as normally done, with payment due upon receipt by check, mailed or delivered to the Pettit Center front office.   No cash payments.
  6. All individuals shall comply with Physical Distancing and Protective Measure Requirements
  7. Timing of ice sessions will be separated on each rink by 30 minutes (allowing 15 minutes for the exiting group to clear the building and 15 minutes for the entering group to be admitted and to get on the ice).  Timing on the East and West Rinks will be staggered so that the ice sessions are not ending at the same times.  This is a tight schedule and requires that skaters be completely off the ice at the end of their session, take off their skates promptly and exit the building immediately.  The purpose is to avoid any overlap and interaction of entering and exiting skaters.
  8. Users are required to exit the ice and building promptly, within 15 minutes from the end of the ice session, so the entering group is not having to wait.  Courtesy and consideration of the entering group by the exiting group is appreciated.
  9. Locker rooms are not available. Water fountains are shut off.  Vending machines in the lobby are operational. 
  10. Additional blue benches with yellow markings for seating and spacing have been placed around each rink. All skaters are required to comply with designated spacing.
  11. Restrooms – lobby restrooms will be open, as will the lower level restrooms for the skaters on the rinks only.   


Critical success factors for making this work:

  1. If a coach or skater is not feeling well, STAY HOME!
  2. Coaches are requested to monitor and enforce spacing of skaters on the ice and around the rink.  Thank you.
  3. Recognize that the procedures and protocols may not be convenient, yet it is absolutely necessary that they be followed precisely by each and every individual in the building.  Pettit Center reserves right to eject any individual who is not complying with the rules and policies above.
  4. Patience as the Center works to be as efficient and effective as possible in the implementation of appropriate and required procedures.  We will continue to make some adjustments and improvements as we go.  Thank you.

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