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Pettit Skating School Speed Skating Classes

If you have ever wanted find out what it’s like to fly around the Pettit Center Olympic Oval, a speed skating class is for you. Speed skating can be enjoyed at any age – youth, teen or adult. The Pettit Center offers the premier introductory speed skating program for those who are comfortable with the basic skills of ice skating and want to go FAST on the ice!

Participants are grouped according to their skating ability and are initially divided by age. Remember, you don’t have to be a elite skater to learn how to speed skate, just have a some basic skating skill and experience.

Speed Skating 1- $110- Will Return Fall 2015

Whether you dream of racing in the Olympics or want a new form of exercise, the Pettit’s Learn to Speed Skate program shows you the basics. Suitable for youth, teens and adults, the Learn to Speed Skate class will give you all the necessary tools to go fast.

Speed Skating 2- $110- Will Return Fall 2015

Once you have completed Speed Skating I, continue to stay involved in speed skating with the Petit Center’s Speed Skating 2 class. This class will include on-ice and off-ice training theories and will help you progress and learn more about techniques and skills necessary for success in the sport of speed skating.


Online registration will close at 1pm the day before each day’s first class.
(Example: Saturday classes close on Friday at 1pm).

We will accept in person registration through the second week of classes (based on availability).

Click here for a Skating School registration form (PDF)

Upcoming Events

June 29, 2015 - July 5, 2015