Run-Walk Track Open (*See Description for Details)

The Pettit Center will open its run/walk track for limited use in scheduled sessions that provide a safe, healthy structure for runners and walkers starting March 8th, 2021. As we continue to follow mandates from the City of Milwaukee Health Dept., we have strict policies for the maximum number of people per session (40 runners/walkers), and wearing masks while on the track and in the facility, and for maintaining specified distancing between individuals from different households.  Masks are to be worn whenever an individual is in the facility and is not involved in intense cardio-vascular activity in which wearing a mask is a potential health risk.  Social distancing protocols are to be followed by all on the track, which means that runners and walkers may not exercise for extended periods in pairs or groups without returning to proper distancing and wearing masks when resting, walking or jogging.

Admission is for the specific session offered and all runners/walkers must leave when the session time closes. If you wish to return to another session, another admission fee will have to be paid. All admission fees MUST be paid in EXACT cash, check or using your existing account card. Single Admission cost remains $4.

We respectfully request your cooperation and compliance with these rules to help assure that all can be safe and healthy during and after their running or walking here.

To see the sessions offered please Click Here

Date(s) - 04/12/2021
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

The Pettit National Ice Center