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Skating School at the Pettit Free Skate Classes

Please Note: Skate Rental is available, but not included in registration price ($18 for the six week class). Please purchase skate rental in advance online when purchasing your Skating School Class (if you need it) and as always, you are certainly welcome to bring your own skates.


Pre-Free, Levels 1-6, Axel Class (ages 6 – 12) – $99 per six week session

Skaters who have completed the Basic Skills 1-6 program levels and are interested in a more specialized figure skating experience graduate to the Free Skate program. Skaters will be instructed on spins, jumps, edges, arabesques and other “free skating” elements.

Some of the skills you will learn:

Pre-Free Skate
Mohawk, Step sequence, One-foot spin, Waltz jump

Free Skate 1
Forward consecutive edges, Backward outside three-turn, Upright spin, Toe loop

Free Skate 2
Backward consecutive edges, Backward inside three-turn, Beginning back spin, Salchow

Free Skate 3
Mohawk/crossover sequence, Waltz three-turns, Advance back spin, Loop jump

Free Skate 4
Power three-turns, Waltz eight, Sit spin, Flip

Free Skate 5
Backward outside three-turn mohawk, Camel spin, Waltz jump-loop jump combination, Lutz jump

Free Skate 6
Forward power pulls, Creative step sequence, Layback, Axel

Axel Class
Figure Skaters that have completed Free Skate 3 or that have received permission are encouraged to participate in the Axel Class. Skills and drills will be taught to assist in the mastery of this milestone jump

2020-21 Class Dates (6 Week Sessions):

Session 1:
Saturday September 26- October 31 (9:30am-10:10am) Free Skate 1-3 ONLY
Saturday September 26- October 31 (10:30am-11:10am) Free Skate 4-6 ONLY
** 20 Min of Exclusive Practice Time Follows Each Class Time

Session 2: (No Classes 11/24-11/29)
Saturday November 7- December 19 (9:30am-10:10am) 1-3 ONLY
Saturday November 7- December 19 (10:30am-11:10am) 4-6 ONLY
Sunday November 8- December 20 (4:30pm-5:10pm)
** 20 Min of Exclusive Practice Time Follows Each Class Time


Online registration will close at 12pm the day before each day’s first class. (Example: Saturday classes close on Friday at 12pm). Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL registrations must be completed online. No on site registration is available as in previous years.

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September 28, 2020 - October 4, 2020